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    • Contributed Sessions

      We are planning to accept applications for Organized Contributed Sessions. Each session organizer (max. 2 persons) is encouraged to find three (3) speakers in advance of the registration. Since meeting rooms and time schedules are quite restricted, after your submission to organize a contributed session, the organizing committee will contact you whether the session may be held or not. For sessions that are unable to accept, there may be an opportunity to present as poster session.

      Organizer must submit an overall abstract (up to 300 words), including:

      - Title;
      - Name of the organizer
      - Name of the Speaker(s)
      - Description of the session

      Please download template
      TEX template and PDF template and submit both files in the submission form.

      Note: Individual presentations for the organized session, should follow the guidelines for individual communications and indicate at the time of submission if it is part of an organized session and the corresponding title.
      It is the responsibility of the Organized Contributed Session organizer to coordinate with the presentation authors their submissions.

      The deadline for submission is 30 April 2023

  • Privacy
    • I authorize the use of my personal and financial data within the scope of the organization of this event and I declare that I am aware of my rights as title holder in accordance with the applicable privacy policy.
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  • Contributed session
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